Journal - Safari

We woke around 6:00 AM or so; ready for breakfast at 7:30 AM. Fresh fruit, eggs, coffee. Decent breakfast to start the day. Tired, but ready to roll. Still no wifi. I fussed a little about this to the owner, then, funny enough, she came back over to me saying that she received an email from Christa asking if we made it. This is when she finally let me get on the booking computer behind the counter to send some emails off to family. Overcast day, sun is not out brightly which is actually good. We will have great weather. We were told that the coffee from the plantation we are staying at is used at Starbucks in USA. Nice. The roads remind me a bit of India. Lots of people walking around on sides of road; driving is crazy, lots of traffic, lot of activity. Once we get out of town it's wide open though. Our driver is Godlisten and our guide is Godfree. Godfree turned out to be a very knowledgeable guide for us.

Drive through Arusha, 4th largest city in Tanzania. Agriculture, tanzanite mining and tourism is what makes the money. Amazing views of African landscape while driving. Long 3 or 4 hour drive. Finally make it to Tarangire National Park. We took tons of pictures to show everyone. We get to see tons (literally) of animals. Zebras (up close), lions, elephants, etc. Outstanding experience. One of the highlights during our lunch break; Big fat mama lion slowly tracking some wildebeest. Lion walks beside mama elephant. Mama elephant gets between baby elephant and lion, keeps walking. Fat mama lion charges wildebeest, locks in on baby, but baby gets away. Fat mama lion gets tired and lays down in middle of steam. Fantastic to see this.

Great experience, great weather; overall great day. Drive back was long but ok. Lots to look at. We are still fresh and excited to be in Africa. We had dinner at the lodge and meet Ernest for a little planning. He wanted to make sure everyone had everything they needed. Unfortunately, Susan still does not. She will be hiking in some stuff Ernest had to round up for her. Off to bed, get ready for the hike.