Journal - Introduction

Late in the year 2009 I mentioned to Emily that I was looking into the possibility of climbing Kilimanjaro. She was excited and thought it sounded like a fantastic adventure and opportunity. As time progressed I started to get cold feet with the amount of money, time and commitment the entire process would take. However, Emily moved forward, not looking back. She contacted several of her friends to see if any of them were up to the task. Only one, Susan Schroeder, was bold enough to say yes. Sometime late in 2010 or early 2011, with a little pushing of my mom and dad, I decided to finally make the commitment necessary to start saving and training for this adventure. That is how it all got started.

The preparation, training and time commitment for something like this is mind boggling. However the rewards are well worth all the hard work. My journal notes will document all of our hardships, adventures and successes.

The flights to Amsterdam, then to Kilimanjaro are long. Loosing Susan's main gear bag; not fun. Arriving late to lodge scrambling to find an internet connection (finally sitting behind counter using the lodge booking computer) to let my wife know I'm safe; frustrating. Tarangire Safari and all the wildlife, simply amazing. Hiking, camping, rain, sleet, snow, summit night/day and the journey down the mountain; exhausting, exciting, rewarding. Lake Manyara Safari, journey home, jet lag, tiredness. All worth it.

My journal notes will attempt to document all of this.